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Win with Worcester City

By becoming a member of the Gold Bond Weekly Draw you will not only be helping your local sports club financially, but you will also be giving yourself a chance of winning some of the fantastic prizes the draw gives away.

It costs as little as £1 per week to become a member, or £2 per week if you wish to double your chances. For this you'll receive 7 lucky numbers in the draw, or 14 for £2 per week.

Coronavirus update - Great news - Prize fund increase from 4th November 2020

Prize fund increase: As of Wednesday 4th November 2020 the NYCDA Weekly Draw prize fund will increase from £1,275 to £1,850.

This is broken down into the following

  • 1 x £1,000
  • 1 x £500 Rollover
  • 1 x £100
  • 2 x £50
  • 2 x £25
  • 10 x £10

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Coronavirus update - Temporary reduction in prize fund from 22nd April 2020

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and its adverse effects on membership numbers, the development association has taken the step to temporarily reduce the NYCDA Weekly Draw prize fund to £1,275. This will be broken down in the following way:

  • 1 x £1,000
  • 1 x £100
  • 1 x £50
  • 1 x £25
  • 10 x £10

The wellbeing of all involved is critically important, as is our desire to ensure we can continue to raise funds for all our beneficiaries at this difficult time. The prize fund will be reviewed once government guidelines allow us, our affiliates and beneficiaries to operate as normal once more.

Thank you for support and understanding at this difficult time. For more information, including how to review your membership options, then please get in touch.

The Draw takes place every Wednesday.

We will forward your membership details to Worcester City who will then record the details themselves before arranging delivery of the membership card to you.

You will be entered into the draw with immediate effect and may receive your membership card and lucky numbers after you have entered your first draw. Please keep this membership card in a safe place for your own records.

Members receive a full list of winners after each draw directly to their supplied email address, but as all winners are paid automatically there is no need to worry if you do not manage to check the winning numbers each week.

The winning results are also published to this site, just click 'Winners' in the menu bar.